How to apply

Prospective candidates to AIS can apply either online or offline. Our application form costs N10,000—all applicants are required to pay this fee whether they are applying online or offline. The following are the application steps and payment procedures for online and offline applications:

For Online Application

Step 1: Fill the online application form.

Step 2: Attach a soft copy of your proof of payment (e-copy of your debit alert, receipt, etc.) to the relevant section of the application form.

Step 3: Click on the “Submit Application” button to complete the application.

For Offline Application

Step 1: Visit the admissions office of AIS and obtain a hard copy of the application form or download it online here (Application Form).

Step 2: Submit the completed application form to the AIS admissions office in person or via email (to along with a recent passport photograph, copy of a birth certificate, and proof of payment for the application form.

Payment Procedures

  • Deposits/Wire Transfers to the school’s account.
  • Certified bank draft from a reputable bank delivered to the school’s finance office (only eligible for offline applications).
  • The following are the bank account details for Adue International Schools:

Bank Name: Polaris Bank.
Account Name: Adue International Schools Ltd.
Account Number: 4091401440

*Please note that Adue International Schools only uses the below official account for all payments (tuition, application form, boarding, etc.).

Please note the following before you complete the application form:

SECTION 1: Child’s details The surname is what is stated on the child’s birth certificate. If your child is known by another surname you can give the chosen name but please also provide the legal surname (from the birth certificate). Check that the date of birth you gave is correct – if you do not state a date of birth that falls within the relevant age range your application may be disregarded. You may have to provide proof of birth date, for example a birth certificate, to confirm the child is of the correct age to start in a given class. The address given must be where the child is registered as living, therefore, the address of a childminder or other relative etc should not be given. If a child lives between two addresses, e.g. if there is split care, the household in receipt of child benefit would normally be the address used for allocation purposes but the admission authority reserves the right to request other proofs as fit the individual circumstance. If you are expecting to move address after the closing date, you should apply using your current address – it is then your responsibility to notify the school if/when a move takes place (proof of change of address will normally be required). If your child has need for Special Educational (SE), kindly notify the school authority in order to aid in the decision making process. Rebate to Parents having more than one child: If you have a child currently attending Adue International schools, please ensure that you fill the Rebate Form in order to get the attached benefits.

SECTION 2: Parents’ / Guardians’ details The person making the application should have parental responsibility for the child. Please provide a daytime contact telephone number as this will assist the school if they need to contact you regarding your application for any reason and prevent delays in processing.

SECTION 3: Health Records Ensure that you provide all the details regarding the state of health of your child. The school has the authority to withdraw the admission of any child whose health conditions were not fully given at any time such misinformation is discovered.

SECTION 4: Religion/Participation in Activities Adue International Schools is open to children from different religious backgrounds and ethnicities. However, the school authority demands that every child participate in all school activities if given the admission.

SECTION 5: Confidentiality of Information Adue International Schools is committed to dealing with your information safely and securely. We need to collect and keep information to deliver our service efficiently. We will always treat your information with confidentiality and will not pass it to third parties for commercial use. We take our responsibility to protect your information seriously and we will always ensure it is used fairly, correctly and safely in line with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The information you provide to us on the admission application form and in any supporting documents, will be used to process your application. There may be a requirement to share this information with governing bodies of secondary schools and neighbouring local authorities etc. This will only be when necessary and where the law allows it. We may also use the information you have provided to develop statistics to inform decisions that will help in the development of our school. We will ensure that the statistics are developed in such a way that individual children cannot be identified from them.

Thank you for making Adue International Schools your choice.