Hostel Accommodation

As a full boarding school, ensuring that students are provided with safe and comfortable accommodation is one of the main priorities of Adue International Schools. AIS has eight (8) hostels—four (4) for male and female students respectively. Each hostel has a capacity of 62 students. To ensure maximum comfort for students, each hostel is divided into spacious rooms (suites). Each suite has two bathrooms and toilets and is designed to accommodate six students. All our hostel rooms/suites are well-furnished (with bunk beds, wardrobes, reading tables) and equipped with air conditioners. Our hostels are also equipped with standby generators and solar inverters, facilitating the provision of 24-hour power and water supply to students.

In addition to comfortable accommodation, the safety of our students is of utmost importance to us at AIS. Despite our institution being located in a safe area (in addition to Karshi being a safe community, Adue’s location in a hilly area gives it an extra layer of security), we have taken all the necessary measures—including the 24-hour deployment of highly trained security personnel in strategic locations on our campus—to make sure that the safety of our students (and your wards) is assured at all times.